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Oral Surgery in Manhattan

Manhattan orthodontist
Manhattan orthodontist

When you are looking for an expert orthodontist who is familiar with working with doctors who provide orthognathic surgical care for their patients, then you will want to visit us at our orthodontic practice, Robert Weeman, DDS. Our Manhattan orthodontist is well experienced in working with orthognathic surgeons to make sure that optimal treatment is provided, and at the patient has the very best results after surgical and orthodontic care is completed.

Our orthodontist, Dr. Robert Weeman, is expertly trained to deal with orthodontic cases that require a combination of both orthodontics and orthognathic surgery. Our Manhattan orthodontist is highly regarded in this manner by patients and oral surgeons alike, and has worked with many oral surgeons in this regard. Sometimes a patient will need to have oral surgery for problems that began before birth, or as a result of facial trauma or injury. Often times, orthodontic work needs to be performed before or after the procedure so that teeth will be properly aligned in their final and permanent position. This type of patient needs the care of a team of doctors who will work closely together to provide optimal results. Our orthodontist has worked with many oral surgeons in this regard with the very best results. If you or a family member may need orthognathic surgery, our orthodontist will be able to refer you to an expert oral surgeon in the area who provides this type of highly specialized care. Orthognathic surgery corrects problems of the jaw and face related to its structure and growth. An orthognathic surgeon is also sometimes used to fix sleep apnea, TMJ disorders, or other problems relating to mismatching jaws. This type of surgery is needed when orthodontic care alone is not sufficient to correct the facial problems. Orthognathic surgery is also used to fix congenital problems like cleft palate.

For an appointment to meet with our Manhattan orthodontist for expert orthodontic care, including care coordinated with orthognathic surgeons, contact us today.

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