Lower Manhattan retainers

Lower Manhattan Retainers

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Importance of Wearing Retainers in Lower Manhattan

Lower Manhattan retainers
Lower Manhattan retainers

Lower Manhattan retainers help to maintain teeth alignment after orthodontics are put on. At the offices of Robert Weeman, DDS we provide patients with retainers, orthodontic services and more for children and adults. Call today for more information about our excellent services and meet our staff. Dr. Weeman specializes in all aspects of orthodontic care and in orthognathic surgery. As a member of the Elite Lingual Orthodontists Society, he can consult on many different aspects of orthodontics and provide patients with the most optimal results. If you are looking for a highly trained orthodontist who has been serving patients for many years with the best care, look no further.

We offer clear ceramic braces, regular metal and removable appliances as well as Invisalign. After your orthodontic treatment is completed, we may recommend the use of Lower Manhattan retainers. Using a mold of the patient’s teeth, the retainers are worn for a few years, depending on the patient. Retainers help to maintain the structure of the teeth after braces. There are fixed and removable retainers. Fixed retainers are worn across the back of the lower or the upper front teeth and bonded in place. They provide excellent results, but need to be cleaned on a daily basis and more thoroughly. Removable retainers are easier to clean and must be worn daily and are easier to remove. They can be stored safely in a retainer case to prevent damage or from being thrown away.

We provide both types of Lower Manhattan retainers, depending on the patient’s needs. Periodic maintenance is needed for retainers and regular dentist visits to ensure the retainer is working properly. We have two locations for your convenience, one on Broadway and one on East 48th Street in New York City. We have been serving the area for many years with quality service and care. Call today and experience the difference.

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