Lower Manhattan Braces

Lower Manhattan Braces

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Orthodontist in Lower Manhattan

We offer four effective methods for straightening your teeth here at the practice of Robert Weeman, DDS. They include metal, ceramic, lingual, and Invisalign. What’s the difference and which is best suited to your needs and preferences? That’s what we’re going to discuss below.

Our Lower Manhattan braces, no matter what type you decide on, will result in a more pleasing smile and a healthier one, too. Discomfort is not unusual when it comes to improperly aligned teeth, and it’s often more difficult to floss between them properly, leading to a greater risk for tooth decay and gum disease. Our metal braces are lighter-weight and look better than the ones that came before them. If your tooth alignment problems are particularly difficult, they may still be the best option to address the situation confidently. Ceramic braces are very much like metal braces in terms of how they are made, but with a tooth-colored material in place of metal, they seem to blend in more easily with your teeth, and are therefore less noticeable. They are a good selection if you are undecided between metal braces and Invisalign, because you get the cosmetic plus of the latter and the durable construction of the former. Speaking of Invisalign, these are clear plastic aligners that are virtually invisible when you wear them. They are removable, which means no frustrating restrictions on the kinds of foods you can eat. The final possibility among our Lower Manhattan braces are lingual, which are placed behind the teeth instead of in front, again giving you the aesthetic edge of braces that are not seen. They are not right for everyone, but they might be for you.

Contact our office and schedule a consultation to come in and pick from our Lower Manhattan braces. We’re sure that at least one of them will be just what you had in mind.

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