Clear ceramic braces Battery Park

Clear Ceramic Braces Battery Park

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Clear braces in Battery Park

Traditional braces have a lot of history behind them. They’re familiar. And they do a great job. Even still, they aren’t always the best choice for everyone. Our orthodontist, Robert Weeman, DDS, is pleased to offer several options, including traditional braces and clear ones made of ceramic. By laying out the pros and cons of each, we can help you to make the most beneficial decision based on your unique needs and preferences.

Our clear ceramic braces Battery Park are a good choice if you like the structure of traditional braces, but you don’t want them to be obvious. Ceramic is a spectacular match for your tooth color, blending in near seamlessly. As a result of that, unless someone is up close, they are unlikely to notice that you have anything on your teeth at all. You won’t have to feel self-conscious. On the con side, our clear ceramic braces Battery Park are more fragile than their metal counterparts. Speaking of which, there are still good reasons to make traditional braces your choice. They tend to cost less, and if you don’t have any awkwardness about having them on your teeth, you may find some enjoyment in the fact that they can be customized to be made stylish. Show your individuality while your teeth are being steadily moved into a healthier and more attractive position. Both traditional metal and clear ceramic braces are adjusted periodically at our office so you’re always getting maximum benefit out of them.

When you come right down to it, getting the orthodontic care that you need shouldn’t have to be a situation where you don’t have choices. Our clear ceramic braces Battery Park represent just one of those choices, and one that has some impressive advantages. Are they right for you? Simply contact our office to set up a convenient time to come in for a consultation.

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